WordPress – Regular Event Countdown

Regular Event Countdown

Help your customers understand when the next regular event is happening. Having a clear schedule is important, and if something happens on a regular basis, and people should know about it. You can easily let them see when it’s happening next.

Let’s take a few example :

  • Daily Merchandise Delivery
  • Daily Team Meetings
  • Daily Blog Post
  • Open Hours of institution
  • Customer Support Call Times Closing Program

Allow customers know when it's happening

It’s happening in :

Notable Features :

  • Flexible Options, easy to modify at any times
  • 21 Unique Templates in 3 Versions, total 63
  • Human Readable Statistics
  • Advanced Template Creation
  • Dedicated Support
  • Regular Feature & Maintenance Updates
  • Painless Administration
  • Clean Customizable Code
  • Speed Optimized
  • Independent, works under any circumstances
  • Every option has a tooltip to understand it.
  • Automatic Updates

Flexible Day Options

Did the event already happened or started today ?

No problem, we have an optional feature that allows to display a different image after an event happened that day.

Let’s take an clear example :

You’re event is happening daily at 14:00, and after it happened, you want to display a different image, until midnight for that specific day. Then this option is what you need, and you can setup this in just a few moments if your image is ready.

Timer Examples, either for your emails or pages.

These images are strictly for demonstration purposes and don’t actually countdown to zero, the plugin itself works as intended and countdown properly.

Next Party Happening In

Next Meeting in…

Next Toys Delivery in…

Presents are ariving in…

Easy painless administration

Clear Overview

You can easily see your campaigns in one place.

From the main Panel you can :

  • Create a new Campaign
  • See when a Campaign Ends
  • Edit a Campaign
  • View a Campaign
  • Duplicate a Campaign
  • Delete a Campaign

Smooth Timer Creation

While you’re creating your campaign, you are offered the following options.

From the main Panel you can :

  • Timer Name
  • Optional Campaign Image Link
  • Daily Event Time
  • Timer Timezone
  • 63 Countdown Templates
  • Optional Page Timer
  • Optional End of the day Image
  • Optional End of the day URL

Timer / Campaign Usage

Each timer has it’s own dedicated instructions pages on how to use it.

You will always be guided by us and understand every step ahead of you and all your options, along the road everything will be there and you’ll have an amazing experience.

Image Template Builder

You can create your own timer Templates very easily, we offer a full interface that will help you to do so easily


  1. Create a new Campaign
  2. See when a Campaign Ends
  3. Edit a Campaign
  4. View a Campaign
  5. Duplicate a Campaign
  6. Delete a Campaign